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Founder and board member

Lewis is committed to the post-Brexit vision of Global Britain, having campaigned to leave the EU in 2016.

He is an experienced management consultant and defence subject matter expert, who has worked for a number of global firms and across Whitehall. He has written for The Spectator, Conservative Home, BrexitCentral and The Sunday Guardian (India).

Lewis is a parliamentary candidate for the UK Conservative Party and sits on the board of Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces.



Aman is a living example of Global Britain!

Born in the land of the five rivers, Punjab, India. Aman made Britain his home aged eight speaking just two words of English.

A supercharged life journey growing up on a SE London council estate going onto Grammar school in Bexley, and then to join HM Diplomatic service, working as a foundry engineer, standing for Parliament as a Conservative in GE2015 to campaigning for Vote Leave in 2016 to standing to Get Brexit Done in 2019 as the Conservative MEP candidate for Northern Ireland.
Aman is a longstanding campaigner for a Global Britain.

Leading Team GBC he is determined to levelling up the narrative to drive the conversation of a Global Britain as a force for good.


Senior Research Fellow

Antonia is a longterm Indophile, her career has revolved around spotting trends.

Since 2012 Antonia has been the London Correspondent for the Sunday Guardian-India, dispatching regular weekly analysis of British politics for Indian readers

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Wasiq Wasiq


Wasiq embodies the vision of Global Britain.

Born in Pakistan and raised in Britian, Wasiq is a testament that dreams can be achieved when opportunities are taken coupled with a strong work ethic. Having spent a decade in the education profession as a qualified teacher, Wasiq is now a researcher specializing in defense and security.

Wasiq is a prolific writer, with pieces published in European Eye on Radicalization, Spiked and Unherd amongst others. Wasiq is a regular commentator on news channels providing expert analysis on matters in relation to Britain and its role globally.

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