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17,410,742 Global Britons voted to build a Global Britain in 2016. The biggest democratic vote in British history reaffirmed Britain’s longstanding ethos of illuminating the path as the lodestar of democracy, trade and freedom.


From the global financial dynamo of the City of London, to the pathbreaking scientists discovering the covid19 vaccine, to the joint UK-India GAVI Covax initiative providing a billion vaccines to the developing world, and being the warm welcoming home for nearly half a million aspiring immigrants every year. Global Britain is a force for good.

Global Britain at home is a beacon of hope and aspiration providing opportunity and prosperity for all those who call her home.

With the Union flag a synonym of freedom and democracy, Global Britain is natural ally to free democracies from India to Israel and Australia to Japan.

The Global Britain Centre is established as a coalition of global Britons in Westminster and beyond to drive the conversation of the promise signalled by the historic vote in June 2016 - to take back control and renew the country as a free, independent, and sovereign Global Britain.

Tilting to engage fully with her natural allies around the globe.

GBC is standing up to level up the narrative of Global Britain - a beacon of hope and aspiration at home, a force for good, for the world.

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